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The Museum of Burgeois Art

The Town Hall                                     Ticket : 

WED - SAT        10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

SUN                   10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

                 from 7zł

                 to 20zł

   Permanent exhibitions admission free

phone  (71) 347-16-90

About Museum

The The Museum of Bourgeois Art. Is the youngest section of the City Museum of Wrocław, established in 2000. The Museum present the interiors of its venue – the Old Town Hall. It also collects works of art and handicrafts linked with Wrocław. The Museum has been buliding its collection of paintings, drawings and graphics from the 19th to 20th of Wrocław. The handicrafts section includes a Goldsmith collection, representational sacra and secular accessories and objects of everyday use. During a numer of temporery exhibitions, the museum has presented, among others, the works of eminent artists – Max Ernst, Joan Miro, Andy Worhol, Salvador Dali and more.

Silesia et Ducati Silesiae
Dawne mapy Śląska i księstw śląskich Jonasa Scultetusa i Fridericusa Khunoviusa ze złotego wieku kartografii niderlandzkiej

Z okazji 500-lecia reformacji Muzeum Miejskie Wrocławia prezentuje wystawę poświęconą księstwom śląskim.

Stary Ratusz
27 października 2017 – 25 lutego 2018