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The Archaeological Museum
The City Arsenal, Cieszyńskiego 9                       Tickets: 
WED -SAT        1000 - 1700
SUN                  1000 - 1800

from 5zł

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Permanent exhibitions admission free

tel. (71) 347-16-96

About Museum

The Museum of Archaeology was founded in 1815 and is based on private archaeological collections and on assemblages put together in the course of the secularization of Catholic Church property. The founder of the museum was J.G.G. Büsching - a scholar of great merit, who was also involved in Wrocław’s archives and libraries.
The Museum of Archaeology is located in the former City Arsenal and is one of the six branches of the City Museum of Wrocław.  From the beginning, the Museum's activity was focused exclusively on the acquisition, study and presentation of archaeological artefacts from Silesia.  The Museum stores artefacts from the Stone Age (500 thousand years Before Present) to modern times (19th century) which have been recovered from archaeological excavations and those that have been accidental discoveries.
The Museum of Archaeology is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe. Its work has continued without interruption since its foundation, despite the upheavals of wars and political transformations. Today it continues the Prussian and German museum tradition of Silesian archaeology, skilfully combining the heritage of the past centuries with the present. This is proven not only by artefacts, but also by priceless archival and photographic documentation.



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Obuwie historyczne ze zbiorów Muzeum Archeologicznego w Gdańsku


Ponad 130 zabytków związanych z historią obuwia, w tym 70 butów • rekonstrukcję XV-wiecznego warsztatu szewskiego •  tajniki pracy konserwatora i rekonstruktora butów historycznych
Muzeum Archeologiczne

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