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The City Museum of Wrocław
Sukiennice 14/15                            Bilety: 
MON - FRI             1100 - 1800
SAT - SUN             1000 - 1600

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tel. (71) 347-16-90, (71) 347-16-91

The City Museum of Wrocław
The City Museum of Wrocław  is one of the largest and most important cultural institutions in Lower Silesia. The City Museum of Wrocław established in 2000 pursuant to the City Council’s resolution – was created through a merger of tree municipal institutions: the Historical Museum (with its branches: the Military Museum and the Museum of Cemetery Art) the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Medallic Art. These museums and the newly established Museum of Burgeois Art, make up today the six section of the City Museum of Wrocław.  Architectural objects belonging to the City Museum of Wrocław – the Old Town Hall, the City Arsenal, the Royal Palace and the Old Jewish Cemetery are well known to both citizens and tourists. All of tchem, except of Old Jewish Cemetery, are situated in the center of Wroclaw – Old Market Square or its periphery. All buildings of the City Museum of Wrocław are monuments having historical, social and cultural significance for Silesia. Museum provide with extensive research and education activities, is also organizer of exhibitions, cultural events and academic appointments.